Announcing the release of v0.10-alpha

Announcing the release of Spice v0.10-alpha! 🧙‍♂️

The v0.10-alpha release focused on additions and updates to improve stability, usability, and the overall Spice developer experience.

Highlights in v0.10-alpha

Public Bucket Support for S3 Data Connector: The S3 Data Connector now supports public buckets in addition to buckets requiring an access id and key.

JDBC-Client Connectivity: Improved connectivity for JDBC clients, like Tableau.

User Experience Improvements:

  • Friendlier error messages across the board to make debugging and development better.
  • Added a spice login postgres command, streamlining the process for connecting to PostgreSQL databases.
  • Added PostgreSQL connection verification and connection string support, enhancing usability for PostgreSQL users.

Grafana Dashboard: Improving the ability to monitor Spice deployments, a standard Grafana dashboard is now available.


  • @phillipleblanc
  • @mitchdevenport
  • @Jeadie
  • @ewgenius
  • @sgrebnov
  • @y-f-u
  • @lukekim
  • @digadeesh

New in this release

  • Fixes Gracefully handle Arrow Flight DoExchange connection resets
  • Adds Grafana Dashboard
  • Adds Flight SQL CommandGetTableTypes Command support (improves JDBC-client connectivity)
  • Adds Friendlier error messages
  • Adds spice login postgres command
  • Adds PostgreSQL connection verification
  • Adds PostgreSQL connection string support
  • Adds Linux aarch64 build
  • Updates Improves spice status with dataset metrics
  • Updates CLI REPL improved show tables output
  • Updates CLI REPL limit output to 500 rows
  • Updates Improved with architecture diagram updates
  • Updates Improved CI run time.
  • Updates Use macOS hosted Actions runner


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