Announcing the release of v0.5.1-alpha

Announcing the release of v0.5.1-alpha! 📈

This minor release builds upon v0.5-alpha adding the ability to start training from the dashboard plus support for monitoring training runs with TensorBoard.

Highlights in v0.5.1-alpha

Start training from dashboard

A “Start Training” button has been added to the pod page on the dashboard so that you can easily start training runs from that context.

Training runs can now be started by:

  • Modifications to the Spicepod YAML file.
  • The spice train command.
  • The “Start Training” dashboard button.
  • POST API calls to /api/v0.1/pods/{pod name}/train

TensorBoard monitoring

TensorBoard monitoring is now supported when using DQL (default) or the new SACD learning algorithms that was announced in v0.5-alpha.

When enabled, TensorBoard logs will automatically be collected and a “Open TensorBoard” button will be shown on the pod page in the dashboard.

Logging can be enabled at the pod level with the training_loggers pod param or per training run with the CLI --training-loggers argument.

Support for VPG will be added in v0.6-alpha. The design allows for additional loggers to be added in the future. Let us know what you’d like to see!

New in this release

  • Adds a start training button on the dashboard pod page.
  • Adds TensorBoard logging and monitoring when using DQL and SACD learning algorithms.

Dependency updates

  • Updates to Tailwind 3.0.6
  • Updates to Glide Data Grid 3.2.1


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