Spice v0.13.3-alpha (June 10, 2024)

The v0.13.3-alpha release is focused on quality and stability with improvements to metrics, telemetry, and operability.


Ready API: - Add /v1/ready API that returns success once all datasets and models are loaded and ready.

Enhanced Grafana dashboard: The dashboard now includes charts for query duration and failures, the last update time of accelerated datasets, the count of refresh errors, and the last successful time the runtime was able to access federated datasets


  • @Jeadie
  • @ewgenius
  • @phillipleblanc
  • @sgrebnov
  • @gloomweaver
  • @y-f-u
  • @mach-kernel

What’s Changed


  • DuckDB 1.0.0: Upgrades embedded DuckDB to 1.0.0.


Full Changelog: https://github.com/spiceai/spiceai/compare/v0.13.2-alpha...v0.13.3-alpha



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