Announcing the release of v0.6.1-alpha

Announcing the release of v0.6.1-alpha! 🌢

Building upon the Apache Arrow support in v0.6-alpha, now includes new Apache Arrow data processor and Apache Arrow Flight data connector components! Together, these create a high-performance bulk-data transport directly into the ML engine. Coupled with big data systems from the Apache Arrow ecosystem like Hive, Drill, Spark, Snowflake, and BigQuery, it’s now easier than ever to combine big data with

And we’re also excited to announce the release of! πŸŽ‰ is data and AI infrastructure for web3. It’s web3 data made easy. Insanely fast and purpose designed for applications and ML. delivers data in Apache Arrow format, over high-performance Apache Arrow Flight APIs to your application, notebook, ML pipeline, and of course through these new data components, to the runtime.

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New in this release

Now built with Go 1.18.

Dependency updates

  • Updates to React 18
  • Updates to CRA 5
  • Updates to Glide DataGrid 4
  • Updates to SWR 1.2
  • Updates to TypeScript 4.6


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