Announcing the release of v0.10.1-alpha

Announcing the release of Spice v0.10.1-alpha! 🔥

The v0.10.1-alpha release focuses on stability, bug fixes, and usability by improving error messages when using SQLite data accelerators, improving the PostgreSQL support, and adding a basic Helm chart.

Highlights in v0.10.1-alpha

Improved PostgreSQL support for Data Connectors TLS is now supported with PostgreSQL Data Connectors and there is improved VARCHAR and BPCHAR conversions through Spice.

Improved Error messages Simplified error messages from Spice when propagating errors from Data Connectors and Accelerator Engines.

Spice Pods Command The spice pods command can give you quick statistics about models, dependencies, and datasets that are loaded by the Spice runtime.

Kubernetes Helm Deployment can be deployed to Kubernetes using Helm. Here’s a quick guide to get started:

Step 1. (Optional) Start a local kind cluster:

go install[email protected]
kind create cluster

Step 2. Install Spice in your Kubernetes cluster using Helm:

helm repo add spiceai
helm install spiceai spiceai/spiceai

Step 3. Verify that the Spice pods are running:

kubectl get pods
kubectl logs deploy/spiceai

Step 4. Run the Spice SQL REPL inside the running pod:

kubectl exec -it deploy/spiceai -- spiced --repl

Learn more about deploying to Kubernetes


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