Announcing the release of v0.2.1-alpha

Announcing the release of v0.2.1-alpha! 🚚

This point release focuses on fixes and improvements to v0.2-alpha. Highlights include the ability to specify how missing data should be treated and a new production mode for spiced.

This release supports the ability to specify how the runtime should treat missing data. Previous releases filled missing data with the last value (or initial value) in the series. While this makes sense for some data, i.e., market prices of a stock or cryptocurrency, it does not make sense for discrete data, i.e., ratings. In v0.2.1, developers can now add the fill parameter on a dataspace field to specify the behavior. This release supports fill types previous and none. The default is previous.

Example in a manifest:

  - from: twitter
    name: tweets
      - name: likes
        fill: none # The new fill parameter

spiced now defaults to a new production mode when run standalone (not via the CLI), with development mode now explicitly set with the --development flag. Production mode does not activate development time features, such as the Spicepod file watcher. The CLI always runs spiced in development mode as it is not expected to be used in production deployments.

New in this release

  • Adds a fill parameter to dataspace fields to specify how missing values should be treated.
  • Adds the ability to specify the fill behavior of empty values in a dataspace.
  • Simplifies releases with a single spiceai release instead of separate spice and spiced releases.
  • Adds an explicit development mode to spiced. Production mode does not activate the file watcher.
  • Fixes a bug when the pod parameter epoch_time was not set which would cause data not to be sent to the AI engine.
  • Fixes a bug where the User-Agent was not set correctly from CLI calls to


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