Announcing the release of v0.4.1-alpha

Announcing the release of v0.4.1-alpha! ✅

This point release focuses on fixes and improvements to v0.4-alpha. Highlights include AI engine performance improvements, updates to the dashboard observations data grid, notification of new CLI versions, and several bug fixes.

A special acknowledgment to @Adm28, who added the CLI upgrade detection and prompt, which notifies users of new CLI versions and prompts to upgrade.

Highlights in v0.4.1-alpha

AI engine performance improvements

Overall training performance has been improved up to 13% by removing a lock in the AI engine.

In versions before v0.4.1-alpha, performance was especially impacted when streaming new data during a training run.

Dashboard Observations Datagrid

The dashboard observations datagrid now automatically resizes to the window width, and headers are easier to read, with automatic grouping into dataspaces. In addition, column widths are also resizable.

CLI version detection and upgrade prompt

When it is run, the CLI will now automatically check for new CLI versions once a day maximum.

If it detects a new version, it will print a notification to the console on spice version, spice run or spice add commands prompting the user to upgrade using the new spice upgrade command.

New in this release

  • Adds automatic resizing of the observations datagrid.
  • Adds header group by dataspace to the observations datagrid.
  • Adds CLI version detection and prompt for upgrade on version, run, and add commands.
  • Adds Support for parsing hex-encoded times and measurements. Use the time_format of hex or prefix with 0x.
  • Updates AI engine with improved training performance.
  • Updates Go and NPM dependencies.
  • Fixes detection of Spicepods in the Spicepods directory, and a resulting error when loading a non-Spicepod file.
  • Fixes a potential “zip slip” security issue.
  • Fixes an issue where the AI engine may not gracefully shutdown.


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