Announcing the release of v0.7-alpha

Announcing the release of Spice v0.7-alpha! 🏹

Spice v0.7-alpha is an all new implementation of Spice written in Rust. The Spice v0.7 runtime provides developers with a unified SQL query interface to locally accelerate and query data tables sourced from any database, data warehouse, or data lake.

Learn more and get started in minutes with the updated Quickstart in the repository README!

Highlights in v0.7-alpha

DataFusion SQL Query Engine: Spice v0.7 leverages the Apache DataFusion query engine to provide very fast, high quality SQL query across one or more local or remote data sources.

Data tables can be locally accelerated using Apache Arrow in-memory or by DuckDB.

New in this release

  • Adds runtime rewritten in Rust for high-performance.
  • Adds Apache DataFusion SQL query engine.
  • Adds The platform as a data source.
  • Adds Dremio as a data source.
  • Adds OpenTelemetry (OTEL) collector.
  • Adds local data table acceleration.
  • Adds DuckDB file or in-memory as a data table acceleration engine.
  • Adds In-memory Apache Arrow as a data table acceleration engine.
  • Removes the built-in AI training engine; now cloud-based and provided by the platform.
  • Removes the built-in dashboard and web-interface; now cloud-based and provided by the platform.


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