Announcing the release of v0.9-alpha

Announcing the release of Spice v0.9-alpha! 🧙‍♂️

The v0.9 release adds several data connectors including the Spice data connector for the ability to connect to other Spice instances. Improved observability for the Spice runtime has been added with the new /metrics endpoint for monitoring deployed instances.

Highlights in v0.9-alpha

Arrow Flight SQL endpoint: The Arrow Flight endpoint now supports Flight SQL, including JDBC, ODBC, and ADBC enabling database clients like DBeaver or BI applications like Tableau to connect to and query the Spice runtime. data connector: Use other Spice runtime instances as data connectors for federated SQL query across Spice deployments and for chaining Spice runtimes.

Keyring secret store: Use the operating system native credential store, like macOS keychain for storing secrets used by the Spice runtime.

PostgreSQL data connector: PostgreSQL can now be used as both a data store for acceleration and as a connector for federated SQL query.

Databricks data connector: Databricks as a connector for federated SQL query across Delta Lake tables.

S3 data connector: S3 as a connector for federated SQL query across Parquet files stored in S3.

Metrics endpoint: Added new /metrics endpoint for Spice runtime observability and monitoring with the following metrics:

- spiced_runtime_http_server_start counter
- spiced_runtime_flight_server_start counter
- datasets_count gauge
- load_dataset summary
- load_secrets summary
- datasets/load_error counter
- datasets/count counter
- models/load_error counter
- models/count counter


New in this release

  • Adds Keyring secret store (keyring).
  • Adds PostgreSQL data connector (postgres).
  • Adds data connector (spiceai).
  • Adds Arrow Flight SQL (JDBC/ODBC/ADBC) support.
  • Adds Databricks data connector (databricks) - Delta Lake support.
  • Adds S3 data connector (s3) - Parquet support.
  • Adds /v1/models API.
  • Adds /v1/status API.
  • Adds /metrics API.


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