Announcing the release of v0.9.1-alpha

Announcing the release of Spice v0.9.1-alpha! 🧙‍♂️

The v0.9.1 release focused on stability, bug fixes, and usability by adding spice CLI commands for listing Spicepods (spice pods), Models (spice models), Datasets (spice datasets), and improved status (spice status) details. In addition, the Arrow Flight SQL (flightsql) data connector and SQLite (sqlite) data store were added.

Highlights in v0.9.1-alpha

FlightSQL data connector: Arrow Flight SQL can now be used as a connector for federated SQL query.

SQLite data backend: SQLite can now be used as a data store for acceleration.


  • @phillipleblanc
  • @mitchdevenport
  • @Jeadie
  • @ewgenius
  • @sgrebnov
  • @y-f-u
  • @lukekim

New in this release

  • Adds FlightSQL data connector (flightsql).
  • Adds SQLite data store, supports both in-memory and file based (sqlite).
  • Adds support for date, varchar, bpchar, and primitive list types for the PostgreSQL data connector and data store.
  • Adds spice pods, spice status, spice datasets, and spice models CLI commands.
  • Adds GET /v1/spicepods API for listing loaded Spicepods.
  • Adds spiced Docker CI build and release.
  • Adds E2E tests for release installation and local acceleration.
  • Adds E2E tests and instructions to run basic TPC-H benchmark tests.
  • Adds linux/arm64 binary build.
  • Fixes spice sql REPL panics when query result is too large. (
  • Fixes --access-secret in spice s3 login. (
  • Fixes version check upgrade logic.


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