Spice v0.12-alpha (April 29, 2024)

The v0.12-alpha release introduces Clickhouse and Apache Spark data connectors, adds support for limiting refresh data periods for temporal datasets, and includes upgraded Spice Client SDKs compatible with Spice OSS.


  • Clickhouse data connector: Use Clickhouse as a data source with the clickhouse: scheme.

  • Apache Spark Connect data connector: Use Apache Spark Connect connections as a data source using the spark: scheme.

  • Refresh data window: Limit accelerated dataset data refreshes to the specified window, as a duration from now configuration setting, for faster and more efficient refreshes.

  • ODBC data connector: Use ODBC connections as a data source using the odbc: scheme. The ODBC data connector is currently optional and not included in default builds. It can be conditionally compiled using the odbc cargo feature when building from source.

  • Spice Client SDK Support: The official Spice SDKs have been upgraded with support for Spice OSS.

Breaking Changes

  • Refresh interval: The refresh_interval acceleration setting and been changed to refresh_check_interval to make it clearer it is the check versus the data interval.


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  • @Jeadie
  • @ewgenius
  • @sgrebnov
  • @y-f-u
  • @lukekim
  • @digadeesh
  • @gloomweaver
  • @edmondop
  • @mach-kernel

New Contributors

What’s Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/spiceai/spiceai/compare/v0.11.1-alpha...v0.12.0-alpha



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