Spice v0.12.1-alpha (May 6, 2024)

The v0.12.1-alpha release introduces a new Snowflake data connector, support for UUID and TimestampTZ types in the PostgreSQL connector, and improved error messages across all data connectors. The Clickhouse data connector enables data streaming by default. The public SQL interface now restricts DML and DDL queries. Additionally, accelerated tables now fully support NULL values, and issues with schema conversion in these tables have been resolved.


  • Snowflake Data Connector: Initial support for Snowflake as a data source.

  • Clickhouse Data Streaming: Enables data streaming by default, eliminating in-memory result collection.

  • Read-only SQL Interface: Disables DML (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) and DDL (CREATE/ALTER TABLE) queries for improved data source security.

  • Error Message Improvements: Improved the error messages for commonly encountered issues with data connectors.

  • Accelerated Tables: Supports NULL values across all data types and fixes schema conversion errors for consistent type handling.


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  • @y-f-u
  • @sgrebnov
  • @ewgenius
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What’s Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/spiceai/spiceai/compare/v0.12.0-alpha...v0.12.1-alpha



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